4 Reasons Why REWORK the Book is the Perfect Blueprint for Copywriters

4 Reasons Why Rework The Book Is the Perfect Blueprint for Copywriters


Rework, the book, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson is the perfect blueprint for copywriters to follow for their copy.

You want reasons, here you go:

1. It’s shocking - With chapter titles like “Meetings are Poisonous,” “Planning is guessing” and “Emulate Drug Dealers,” the co-authors get right in your face and don’t cut corners on truth and authenticity.  

For copywriters, apply this tactic to your opening sentences. Make them shocking enough to keep the reader engaged to read the next sentence.

2. They tell stories - Almost every chapter details a story from their business or one from another business that applies.   Stories like how they created pieces of their culture to how they operate day to day with their virtual talent pool.  Copywriters, tell stories.

Make your copy engaging by taking the prospect or reader into a story they can mentally identify with.

3. It short, choppy and interesting - Jason and David keep every chapter to what feels like 500 words or less. It’s simple to read, easy to digest and actionable.

Exactly what good copywriting should be.

Keep your copy short, easy to understand and actionable and you will have a recipe for success.

4. It sells - You finish each Chapter of the book feeling like their advice is EXACTLY the way you should run your business because of their confidence and conviction. 

Copywriters should sell exactly the same way.

Be convicted and make the reader feel like the decision to buy the product or take the course is exactly what they need to do because IT IS.

This formula is almost a mirror image of the way I write copy because at the end of the day, it works.

Grab Rework.  I’ve read it two times and about to read it again.  It’s that good.

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